9/25/2019 Understanding Collision Refinish Baytown-Bates Custom & Collision 8:00:00 AM-10:15:00 AM
9/25/2019 Understanding Paintless Dent Removal Baytown-Bates Custom & Collision 10:15:00 AM-12:30:00 PM
11/13/2019 Ethical Considerations of Claims Practices North Channel-Bates Custom & Collision 8:00:00 AM-11:15:00 AM
11/13/2019 Providing Accident Prevention Advice North Channel-Bates Custom & Collision 11:45:00 AM-1:45:00 PM

Ethical Considerations of Claims Practices

Texas Dept of Insurance Course # 23787
A 3-Hour Continuing Education Class
(2-Hours Ethics Credit, plus 1-Hour General Credit) This class helps Insurance Agents develop a better understanding of their ethical responsibilities when dealing with the claims practices of both insurers and insureds. The class is designed to provide agents with insight on how to identify and handle ethic-related situations that may arise when processing a collision claim. The information presented helps them:
  • Understand the legal issues involved in claims practices,
  • Understand the insurerís responsibilities and duties to an insured when the insured suffers a loss,
  • Understand the duties of an insurer from a legal perspective, &
  • Assure fair claims practices are adhered to. The knowledge gained by attending this course also helps them provide better service for their customers resulting in improved customer satisfaction and policy retention.

    Providing Accident Prevention Advice

    Texas Dept of Insurance Course # 6675
    A 2-Hour Continuing Education Class
    This class provides Insurance Agents with tips to share with their customers about how to avoid accidents. They will learn ways to reduce costs per claim, minimize their risk pool, prevent comprehensive claims, and minimize accident-related pain and suffering for their insureds.

    Understanding Collision Refinish

    Texas Dept of Insurance Course # 6679
    A 2-Hour Continuing Education Class
    This class provides Insurance Agents with information to improve their understanding of the collision repair refinish and quality assurance process to enable them to better set their insured's expectations relative to claims processing. They will learn how to make an informed decision on which repair center will ensure the safest, highest quality, and most cost effective repair for their insured.

    Understanding Paintless Dent Removal

    Texas Dept of Insurance Course # 6681
    A 2-Hour Continuing Education Class
    This class provides Insurance Agents with information to help them understand how Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) techniques work, how they differ from conventional repair techniques, and how they can help them reduce their severity on smaller claims.

    Akzo Nobel Provider # 1992

    Here is what agents, their staff and adjusters have said about the Bates Collision Centers Continuing Education Classes:
    "Very interesting. Knowledge learned will be useful."
    "Great class for agent/staff and claims adjusters."
    "Very informative. I feel every adjuster needs to actually see what takes place in the shop."
    "I enjoyed the course. It's good to have a visual class."
    "The instructors are very knowledgeable!"
    "It's close, convenient and free-you can't beat that."

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